RAC Roadside Assistance

The RAC can be relied on for roadside assistance, aiming to reach all of their customers within a short 40 minutes and fixing 4 out of 5 cars on the side of the road!

RAC roadside assistance starts at an affordable £28 per year for the basic cover. This basic cover includes roadside assistance so if your car breaks down a recovery driver will attempt to fix your car on the side of the road so you can continue with your journey with minimal disruption! If this is not possible then you will be towed to the nearest garage for repairs.

On top of the basic cover you can then add additional types of cover to suit your requirements. These additional options include Recovery which means if your vehicle cannot be repaired at the side of the road then you and up to 7 passengers will be transported with your vehicle to a location
of your choice! At home recovery means that even if you are at home and your car breaks down or fails to start the the RAC will come and get you going again! Avoiding unnecessary inconveniences is key when you breakdown and the Onward Travel add on to your breakdown cover means you can get to your intended location or stay in a hotel overnight whilst your car is being repaired, free of charge. European cover is available for 20 countries and should be looked into to ensure the RAC cover the country you intend on visiting prior to purchase!

The RAC gives you the opportunity to choose whether you would like to cover yourself or your vehicle, of course this is down to your own personal circumstance. If you frequently drive more than one car then you should use RAC roadside assistance to cover yourself with Individual Cover, if several people regularly drive the same car then you should look into setting up roadside assistance for the particular vehicle. Vehicle cover means that no matter who is driving the car when it breaks down it will be covered, even if the driver is not the owner of the car!

If your car is over 10 years old then you should look into the restrictions placed on the type of roadside assistance available for cars of this age.

RAC roadside assistance doesn’t just cover cars! If you have a motorbike or fleet of vehicles being used for business purposes then there are levels of affordable breakdown cover made with you and your requirements in mind!

If you are a single woman or often travel with your children then you may be interested in the priority breakdown assistance which is available from the RAC for anyone in a vulnerable situation.

When comparing levels of roadside assistance from the various breakdown companies then you should take a look at member discounts which are made available to you when you purchase roadside assistance. The RAC offer several members only rewards which can save you up to £500 each year! These rewards cover eating out, day to day driving expenses such as valets and car insurance, days out and even short UK breaks!