Green Flag Roadside Assistance

Green Flag offer five levels of roadside assistance so you can choose the level which suits your individual requirements. The levels of Green Flag roadside assistance start at the basic Rescue this includes free call outs, roadside assistance and if your car cannot be fixed on the side of the road then you will be towed to the nearest garage. Rescue Plus offers the same roadside assistance cover as Rescue with the addition of cover at home so if your car fails to start at home or within ΒΌ from your home then Green Flag can assist you and get you going!

For those travelling long distances on a regular basis then you may be more suited to the advanced levels of cover! Recovery is similar to the basic Rescue level of cover but if your car cannot be fixed at the side of the road then you can be towed to your home or a location of your choice, an ideal package for those that would suffer a great inconvenience if you were towed and then stranded at the closest garage while your car is fixed!

Recovery Plus is the complete roadside assistance package for the UK, this level of cover has everything available in Recovery as well as extras such as recovery at home, payment towards the cost of a hire car, accommodation while your car is repaired if you are away from home or the cost of public transport to get to a destination of your choice! There is also the option to get the cost of a train fare paid for if you need to collect your car from the garage!

If you are ever planning on taking a trip onto the continent, whatever the reason then European Cover from Green Flag is a must have! This has all the features of Recovery Plus and includes 90 days of cover in Europe.

Green Flag roadside assistance offers vehicle cover rather than personal cover (although this option is available if you feel this suits you better). Vehicle cover means that the car is covered in the even of a breakdown rather than the person driving it! This means that no matter who is driving the car when it breaks down they will be protected by the breakdown cover and not be left stranded! This is ideal and a much cheaper alternative than personal cover for families who have one car which is used frequently by different people.

Green Flag rewards the customers that have not had any breakdowns during their membership. After 1 year of no call outs you can start to take advantage of the no call out discounts which are available! After four years of no call ours this discount is then protected, much like a no claims bonus for car insurance!

With over 4.5million customers and 365 day recovery available you know Green Flag roadside assistance is an option you can rely on when you are in need!