AA Roadside Assistance

The AA is a members only roadside assistance service which has been coming to the rescue of its members since 1905 and has been considered the number 1 breakdown service in the UK ever since!

With AA roadside assistance there are plenty of options to suit every budget from a basic roadside cover up to complete European cover.

Basic roadside assistance cover from The AA will give you 24 hour, 7 day a week breakdown cover if you car breaks down over a quarter of a mile away from your home. The AA will aim to repair your car on the roadside and in most cases this is possible, if not then your car will be towed to the nearest garage, not your home. This is the ideal package for those looking for a budget breakdown cover for short journeys although this is not always practical if you travel long distances and would prefer to be towed all the way home.

You can upgrade The AA’s basic roadside assistance package with various add ons to suit your own circumstances. Home Start for instance means you will get assistance if your car does not start at home.

If you travel long distances or have children and being stranded at a garage far away from home is not convenient then the National Recovery level of roadside assistance would be recommended. If your car breaks down and it cannot be repaired at the side of the road you will be towed anywhere in the UK, this could be your home, the nearest garage or even a garage close to your home.

Onward travel options and parts and garage cover are both worth looking at if you are looking for a comprehensive level of breakdown cover. Onward travel will give you alternative ways to get home if your car needs to stay in a garage, this can involve an overnight stay in a hotel, return home via public transport or a hire car for up to three days. Parts and Garage Cover means any parts and garage bills will be paid for up to £500 and allows you to have a maximum of 5 claims per year, this could save you from the large garage bills breakdowns often cause!

The AA has taken their roadside assistance and updated it with the current technology trends that are now available, one example of this is The AA application for your Iphone or Android phone. The app can tell The AA exactly where you are, your vehicle details and your membership details, this is exceptionally convenient so there is no need to worry about carrying The AA telephone number or your other membership details!

Being a member of The AA does not just give you great roadside assistance! You get the opportunity to use various discounts from Holiday Extras, Moto, Hertz and many more! Long term members of The AA (after 1 year) have additional added extras to take advantage of such as extra free call outs, 15% off Fuel Assist and 24 hours free European Cover.